After graduating art school, the hardest thing to do is to discipline yourself to make your own artwork. I am always envious of the artists on Instagram or Facebook, who seem to be uploading new art pieces at least once every few days. How do they do it!? For some, art inspiration comes easily, and for others, like me, not always. Couple that with a myriad of other reasons and excuses, like “I’m too tired after my day job” or “I have errands to run, a dog to take care of, a significant other or family to see, friends to meet up with” and then at night when you’re in bed, you find yourself thinking, “I used to be creative. I used to make art all the time. Now what am I doing? Why am I not doing what I love?”

It really came down to me just telling myself, “Just MAKE TIME and DO IT.” And while I missed making artwork, I also realized I missed being with my friends. It is so easy to become a hermit, so easy to say, “Nah, I’m not going out tonight, I’m too tired” after a long work day, so easy to say “we haven’t seen each other in so long, the other person or people probably wouldn’t care to see me anymore anyway”, and also so easy to give up and not work on your passion for fear of failure. I watched a film with a friend last night called “Hello, My Name is Doris”, and something they said resonated with me more deeply than before, even though I must have heard it a thousand times before. “There are seven days of the week, and someday is not one of them.” 

I always thought to myself “I’ll get back to my artwork someday.” or “I’ll start that cool project idea someday.” or “I’ll hang out with my friends again at some point.” But as days and months go by, that someday never comes around because someday literally doesn’t exist within the calendar week! It seemed, after a while of not seeing anybody other than my family and boyfriend, that I was pretty alone most of the time, and in some ways, kinda sad. I needed change, otherwise I knew I would keep going downhill. About a month ago, I created a Facebook event and invited a bunch of old art school classmates and friends to visit my home for a weekend, where we could all just hang out, catch up, and make artwork together like when we were in art school. I crossed my fingers, hoping dearly that someone would come. In my mind though, I thought, “Don’t get your hopes up, you haven’t talked to these people in ages, they have absolutely no reason, or motivation, to come and spend a weekend for you doing art that doesn’t benefit them!” Imagine my surprise, and how wonderful it felt, when several of my old friends told me they would definitely come and that my event sounded fun. It was incredibly humbling, and it touched my heart so deeply that despite all my worries, my friends still had me in their thoughts and took the time out of their schedules to come and make art with me, for fun. My faith in humanity, restored, haha.

Based on a poll on Facebook, we decided to make art based on a theme of Geeky/Popular culture–more specifically, Superheroes and Pokemon! Friends started trickling in and we truly had a wonderful time, chatting, working on art and being creative together. Upon speaking with them, I felt an echo of a lot of my own feelings where people also found it hard to dedicate time to do their personal artwork, because we were getting too busy, life got in the way, we were growing up with new responsibilities. We all missed our creativity and time for art, we missed being together. In the end, I was so glad to have taken the leap of faith in creating the event, and even happier that my friends actually came. There is no other feeling that’s better than knowing there are others just like you, feeling the same way, and who want to be with you and enjoy your company. We’re excited to plan future meetups and events together, and can’t wait for the next hangout 😁

On another note, I’ve made some progress with my Miyazaki lantern, with one more panel to go! Once that’s done, I’ll post it! But for now, here are some photos from this weekend πŸ’—

Some snacks and goodies while we work and catch up πŸ™‚

My thor-kachu in progress…

My sweet Sophie taking a nap while we work πŸΆπŸ’—

Our progress at the end of the night. Larissa got two pieces done! She’s a fast worker!

I made eggs benedict from scratch with crab on garlic toast and a side of chicken apple sausage 🍴

My furry baby hehe

Yay for friends!! πŸ’—

My finished piece 😁

Until next time!


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